Credit Cards
For credit card treatment, see privacy notes.

Find a hotel
In the search form the fields are:
- City (it's the most important city near the hotel)
- Check-in date (the date of the arrival to the hotel)
- Check-out date (the date of the departure from the hotel)
You have the option to search only the available hotels. If you don't check this option, you will be able to find the availability of the hotel later in the hotel page.
The results page shows a comprensive list of all the hotels matching the selected criteria. In this page you can find the main details of the hotel and the minimum room price.This price shown is the avarage of the room price over the selected period. You'll find the prices of the other room types directly in the hotel page.

Make a reservation
If you have found an hotel that satisfies your needs, you can click on the hotel name and access the hotel page.
In the hotel page you can check the rooms of the hotel availailable in the selected period. If no room is available, an error message is shown that asks you to change the check-in and check-out dates.
Otherwise you can choose the room types, and the quantities, selecting them in corresponding row.
The quantity of the rooms to book can be selected from a list containing the number of rooms to book and the associated price.
Multiple rows corresponding to different room types can be selected.
If you have completed your selection and you wish to book the room(s), click on the "booking" button.
You are presented with a form containing you personal data, and your credit card details. Fill it in every field.
After clicking on 'Continue', it is possible to control your reservation request and personal details.
At this point your reservation request will be confirmed.

Please keep your reservation number, it must be used as reference in all information exchanges with us. All data is sent via Secure Server, ensuring that your personal details can only be viewed by yourself and the recipient (ie. the hotel). Two categories of reservation requests are possible:

- Instant Booking
- On Request Booking.

In the first case (Instant Booking) you will receive an automatic confirmation message from the hotel via the system. You will not receive any further confirmation from thehotel, since this confirmation message is final. In the second case (On Request Booking) you will receive an email informing you that the hotel has received your request. The hotel will then reply via email within 48 hours either confirming or cancelling your request. Keep in mind that your request must be confirmed by the hotel and until then do not consider it as confirmed. When the status of your reservation appears as CONFIRMED in your user account you can be sure that it has been confirmed by the hotel. It's important that the email that you used in your reservation request is correct. If you enter an uncorrect e-mail address you will not be able to receive a reply from the hotel and this could cause misunderstandings and communications problems. Therefore, it is crucial that all data that you enters is correct.

Check the status of your reservations

You can check the status of your reservations by entering into the 'Users Area' using the email address you supplied in the reservation process and the password received via email after your first reservation.
Here you can view all your reservations. You can check the status of your reservations in the 'status column'. Following you can find the possible states of your reservation:

SUBMITTED: the reservations has been submitted to the hotel and is waiting for a confirmation
CONFIRMED: the reservations has been confirmed by the hotel
CANCELLED: the reservation has been cancelled

All reservations can be cancelled within 24 hours in order to avoid penalties. After the cancellation deadline has expired, it is necessary to contact the hotel directly, since in this case only the hotel itself can decide whether or not to cancel a booking free of charge. To cancel a booking, click on the link next to the reservation number to enter into the reservation detail page, and then click on the "cancel booking" button. To check that you have cancelled your booking correctly, you can see the status of your reservation, that now must be 'CANCELLED'. Your booking will then be cancelled in our system and there is no need for any further contact with the hotel. does not accept cancellation requests sent via email, even if the request is sent within 24 hours from the reservation. All cancellations need to be made following the above instructions.If the cancellation is made in a different way, will not be responsible for charges to your credit card by the hotel.